what is marketing mix

Students who are studying marketing may have came across the topic of marketing mix. In fact, several colleges and school ask their student to write an assignment on the marketing mix. But before you starting writing the assignment, you must know the details of the topic and how to add them to the assignment. Let’s begin with understanding what is marketing.

It is a process via which one sell and promote products, it refers to placing the right product in the right market and at the most correct time to increase its sale. Prior to marketing a good strategy and planning are needed, similarly before writing an assignment proper understanding is needed. In case, you are not able to complete the assignment on deadline, then get the Marketing assignment help from Essay Help as they can help you with quality assignment in less time.

Since your topic of the assignment is Marketing Mix, then let’s understand what it is and what role it plays in marketing.

What is marketing mix?

While preparing marketing strategies, some tools are needed to enhance the abilities and strength of those strategies. Those tools are basically termed as marketing mix as they support in the process of marketing, and make it more smooth to operate while reducing the risk of loss to a minimum. The major marketing mix tools are:


Price refers to the amount being charged for selling a particular product. It helps in defining the source of income for the business. The price of products are carefully finalized taking into consideration of market competition and customer nature.


Businesses often deal its operation as product or service. Products are the major object for businesses to gain their revenues. Selling product is the necessity of business and marketing is a method to channelize that sell.


In the marketing mix, place is the location where the production and distribution of the product are going to happen. It consists of both storing as well as selling. It is an important factor, hence needs to be chosen with caution. Storing the product near the market is good to save some precious time in transportation as well as save money for the business. Similarly, you can save your time by taking marketing assignment help Australia and spend it wisely on other academic needs.


To garner the growth of sales for certain product promotion is indeed an important factor and a part of the marketing mix. Promotion aims to increase the demand in market and tempt the audience to consider and buy your product.

The marketing mix term is coined by Neil H Borden in the year 1964 and from then this tool is applied everywhere in the marketing process. While writing the assignment you need to focus on the above 4Ps of the marketing mix. Take the marketing assignment help in Australia if you are not sure about the way of writing a good assignment.

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