What is leadership?

Leadership is the social influencing given to others by creating good opportunities to perform excellently. In official terms, it means to create awareness and build strategic planning to achieve a common goal. It is the framework of productivity and organization.

A good leader will not only guide you but improves you in terms of your personality. He grooms you through your creative thinking and will utilize your positive energy to increase your intelligence and charisma.

Meaning of leadership

Leadership is the simple art of inculcating required qualities and practical skills within self to guide others and the entire organization. A good leader can be the ‘light of dark paths’ and can help his team or organization to grow efficiently.

They are set on a journey to lead themselves as well as their team by setting a goal, a vision, and a path to walk on to reach the final destination.

A leader can be seen in various forms he can be a political leader, a coach, or a leader in any industry.

Some great leadership qualities are in focus to show the great capabilities of good leaders.

They are full of enthusiasm:

For great leaders, any problem is an opportunity to yield great results. They are so energetic, they see everything in a very positive way. They soul heartedly put themselves into any situation and lead wonderful ways to accomplish the task gratefully.

A great saying by John C Maxwell: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”.

A good leader always worships Integrity:

A good leader always respects the right. They always follow a strict rule book or guidelines even if it is not the very right thing for a particular project they hardly mold and change their decision. Even if it is about safety guidelines, acknowledging work, or guidance regarding any project they follow integrity.

A good leader is always Loyal:

A great leader is always a loyal epitome of an organization. His loyalty leads to company growth in an exponential way.

Great communication skills:

A wonderful leader will always have great communication skills so that his team can understand him and work following him. Communication is all that he needs to motivate his team and carry out good results.


A good leader will always train and develop his team in a very positive direction. This will help his employees to connect more with the company and give their suggestions for the growth of the company.

A good leader is responsible for the Charisma of an organization:

As they are friendly, they are easily approachable. Whenever their subordinates are stuck in something they always help them. Politeness is the key to handle difficult situations.

Great decision-makers:

Whenever there is a strong possibility to take self-reliable decisions. They stand up and make good decisions. Confronting any situation that may arise.

The beauty of a good leader relies on his tone of action. And one who has these leadership skills inculcated always proves to be a decent leader.

Types of leadership styles

According to the nature of the leader, they are put into six basic leadership styles:

  1. Autocratic Leadership Style:

In this style of leadership, A leader will not consider the opinion of his subordinates. Rather he will shower his decision on them and will ask them to obey it per the work.

In some cases, an autocratic leader may become benevolent meaning he will listen to the opinion of his subordinates but will take decisions according to what it seems right to him.

Advantage: Decisions can be quick.

Disadvantage:  His team will always be disheartened and will likely not listen to his orders.

2. Democratic leadership Style:

In this, the leader is more considerate about his team. He loves to listen to the great ideas coming from his team and will likely apply to enhance the productivity of his team. He is the true guideline for his team. And can help them to grow in a very positive way.


  • True productive team formation.
  • Increased acceptance of the management ideas.
  • The leader will have his control over grievances.

Disadvantage: A slow process of decision making.

3. Paternalistic leadership Style:

In this, the leader will treat his team with affection and care. As he will consider himself as the head of the family and his employees as a member of the family. This, in turn, will help his employees to work out of gratitude and hence, increasing the results efficiently.

This will help in the production of good results within no time. The employees will work more effectively and will abide by the rules of the company. This will also ensure the sustainability of an employee in a company.

4. Free Rein-Leadership Style:

Advantages: All person can give their idea of expression for the company’s growth and development.


  • The result in some cases may be highly inefficient.
  • It can lead to high disturbance in the company’s terms of services.

5. Pacesetting Leadership style:

In this type of leadership style, the leader tells his employee to follow him blindfolded. The leader trusts his work and know-how to win a race. So, he sets a guideline for himself and works incompetence to other leaders taking his followers along with him.

The pacesetter may sometimes end up hurting his follower’s morale and may end up losing his employees. Because nobody can work under pressure.

6. Authoritative Leadership style:

This kind of leadership is the guidelight for his followers. The leader shows the path to his team. He sets the vision and mission for a project and takes the responsibility giving his followers boost and map the way along with the mission to accomplish.

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The leadership is the sole responsibility of a person in a company. If there are no leaders in a company there will be very fewer possibilities for success. The successful projects in a company are the hardships and knowledgeable approach to individuals taking responsibilities.

Good leaders are the true preachers that will lay hands in the growing edge of the company.

They always are in the process of self-learning and giving their knowledge to their team. Be it a sole development or development of organization leaders are the pyramids of knowledge that guide us through life ethics.

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