online reputation management assignment

Getting business online is a tough job, but building and maintaining a good reputation is even tougher. Marketing students mainly come across the term Online Reputation management. In short, it is also referred to as ORM where a student learns how to manage and create positive impressions in the mind of the audience (Customer) regarding a brand name or business.

ORM is one of the most commonly used topics for assignments if you are in management school or college. Once in a while, every Management student needs to submit an essay for the ORM. As a student, if you are not sure about the way of writing the essay on your own, it will be better if you approach Essay Help for Online Marketing Assignment Help for Management. But if you are willing to write the assignment on your own, then there are few elements of ORM which you must know.

Review Monitoring       

Review monitoring as it sounds is a method to learn about customer feedback and make changes to the method of business to improve if you receive any negative feedback. Mostly a marketer needs to thoroughly look after the reviews placed by customers at Google My Business Listing, Yelp, or any kind of business listing portals.

Social Monitoring

Social Monitoring is a method to review the recommendations and inputs you receive on social networking channels such as Facebook. Improve star rating is a crucial part of ORM.

Mention Monitoring

Always check social sites to know who are mentioning your brand in their post. Via post learns what the audience is talking about you so that it can help in future market planning. Getting more mentions about your brands shows that your business is getting more online readers and people are talking about it. Taking Online Marketing Assignment Help can make your essay look more attractive and informative with real facts and details.

Competitive Bench-marking

Keep a check on competition business, learn what customers are writing a review for them, what kind of review they are receiving. Set a benchmark for your business so that you can overcome the competition.


The best way to engage with the customer is to reply to them back with whatever review you receive. Not all customers are going to give a 5-star rating to your services. For every negative feedback, reply with polite answers, whereas for every positive review give a joyous reply.

While writing an assignment on ORM if you include the above elements it will make your essay more credible. You can even use online marketing assignment help in Australia so that you can have the best essay to submit at school or college.

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