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Every student studying accounts sometimes needs help in writhing account paper. Accountancy is not an easy subject to study. The accountancy students have the burden of academics besides completing the assignment on time. Essayhelp provides accounting assignment help to students so that they can complete their assignments on time. We offer online assistance to the students and help them to solve their queries. We have trained tutors who expertise in writing an assignment with years of experience in the accounting field. EssayHelp is one of the most trusted on assignment accounting writing destination for the students all over the country.

What is accounting?


Accounting refers to the systematic and comprehensive analysis of the financial transaction regarding business over a year. It is the measurement, processing, summarising and communication of the economic events of an organization or business. The people who practice accounting or accountancy are called an Accountant.

Accounting is associated with business and also called the “language of business”. It measures the activities of an organization and conveys the information to the users like investors, management, regulators, and creditor. By the end of the financial year, all the businesses have to calculate the profits earned and losses incurred. They want to know how much money they owe and how money owed to them. To attain the correct accounts, the businesses need to keep the records of all each transaction that happened during the financial year. With all the information a business can know the assets with them, amount to pay, and capital at the end of the year. All of this is done by maintaining the accounts of the business.

What are the advantages of accounting?

 1. Profit and loss :- The accounts are prepared at the end of the financial year tell the net profit and loss incurred by a business. With accounting, you can easily calculate the net results related to the business. It helps in the preparation of the financial statement.


 2. Complete and systematic records:- The accounting is based on the principle of a systematic presentation of all the transactions in the book of accounting. With the routine records, a business can easily evaluate business whenever they want.


 3. Financial position:- The balance sheet which is prepared at the end of the year accounting year, tells the financial situation of the business.


 4. Determination of the selling price:- Accounting assignment help the management in the determination of the selling price of the products and services, deduction of cost, sales increase, etc.

Disadvantages of accounting

 1  Based on financial and cost records – Both are used in the management accounting cost system. The businesses balance sheet depends on the accuracy and validity is based on the financial and cost records maintained.

 2  Bias – The analysis and financial statement are dependent upon the capability of the accounting manager. Hence, the personal bias of the accounting manager can affect the effectiveness of the conclusions.

 3 Based on the historical records – The accounts are made based on the original or historical documents. It doesn’t account for the changes that are happening in the present or future.

 4  Provide data only – Under accounting, only data is submitted to before the management and does not prescribe any course of action.

What are the Branches of Accounting that EssayHelp provides accounting assignments writing help?

We have the comprehensive knowledge of the subject to cope up with the intricate topics related to the subject matter. Our writes excel in all the areas in accounting to provide the students with the complete assignment paper.

1. Cost Accounting – It is the process of developing a various course of action to control the cost associated with the recording, analysing, summarising, and allocation of costs. It aims to capture the firm’s value by the assessment of input cost involved in each step of production and fixed expenses like depreciation, capital, soon.

3  Management Accounting – Managerial accounting includes partnering in management decision making, devising a plan, and providing expertise in the presentation of the analysis of the business activities and internal management. It consists of budgetary control, working capital management, etc. Our experts provide the accounting assignment writing help as per the information that a firm requires to take the decision.

4. Financial accounting – Financial accounting is the original form of accounting that maintain the system records of the accounts. It is recording, classifying and summarising information about all the business transactions.

5. Social Ability accounting – It aims to inform the general public about social welfare activities. The enterprises undertake these activities. Every business has a social responsibility to employ the people living in society.

6. Auditing – It is the crucial part of your business in financial record keeping process. Auditing is keeping track of all the business transactions and an independent examination of accounting. If auditing concepts are too tricky for you, then our experts will help you to write your assignment.

7. Budgetary accounting – It includes the accounts that a company wants to spend. All the expenses are included in the account, so it can see how much budget is left.

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