what is marketing mix

What is marketing mix and how to write assignments on it?

Students who are studying marketing may have came across the topic of marketing mix. In fact, several colleges and school ask their student to write an assignment on the marketing mix. But before you starting writing the assignment, you must know the details of the […]

Consumer Protection Law

How to Prepare Assignment on Consumer Protection Law

Every law student may have come across the need for writing assignments during the academic. Consumer Protection Law is one of the most common topics which faculty choose for giving homework and essay. In layman terms, consumer protection law primarily addresses the problems faced by […]

The Best Inflation Assignment

How to Prepare The Best Inflation Assignment

Inflation is the part of economics, where it refers to the rising price of goods and services which are commonly used. It is measured using the average price change of the items you purchase and the services you get overtime. In economics, price inflation suggests […]